Monday, August 1, 2011

Just because people mess things up doesn't mean everything is messed up

Just because wars and mayhem (followed by junehem and julyhem if you will) doesn't mean peace and tranquility and order have ceased to exist. After the Nazis, the Japanese and Italians did WWII and the allies fixed 'em up good and proper, a few years passed and we are all driving Japanese cars and having holidays in Rome, and the Wall came down anyway. God's grace prevails.

Just because people overspend and borrow too much and lend too much and get greedy on the stock exchange doesn't mean that frugality, savings and judicious spending cease to exist. God's grace prevails.
Just because journalists hack phones and tell lies and write rubbish on every page of the newspaper  doesn't mean that truth ceases to mean anything. Journalists are not the bastions of truth even though one of their untruths is to tell you that they are the guardians of the world. God's grace prevails.

Just because people separate and divorce doesn't mean marriage is outmoded nor does it negate the existence of wisdom in pre-marriage choice and commitment. God's grace prevails.

Just because some "welfare desperados" who are just bright enough to rort the welfare system – they feed their dogs, buy their cigarettes, buy their lotto tickets and then come to the Salvos for a food basket or rent relief – doesn't mean charity toward the genuine poor people in Somalia need not exist. Hats off to K.Rudd and the Australian people for getting in there and making a dent. God's grace prevails.


To infinity and beyond.

Live long and prosper.

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