Monday, September 14, 2015

Who should listen to Uncle Colin's Billabong Songs with the Amazing Talking Koala Ted?

Dads and other lonley people who drive in the car a lot on their own. Grandpas or Grandmas. Teachers. Bossy people who need cheering up. Sad people who’ve forgotten how to sing. Oh yeah, and ... Little kids – little to middle size – kind of 1 to 10 Little kids driving along in cars on holidays. Little kids going to bed. Little kids getting up in the morning. Little kids playing a bit.
It's a BIG day. My 'Billabong Songs' album goes digital today!!  As Koala Ted would say, 'Yay!!! Let's get down and Boogie!' More below: God our Father has mysterious ways. Not that he is capricious or weird. His ways are His ways, not ours. I suppose you knew that, didn't you? Or are you one of those nitwits – excuse me, troubled souls and confused spirits – who constantly asks, 'Why?' Why is God doing this to me? Why did God let this happen? How can a loving God justify himself when all this bad goes on? (Stephen Fry type question) I wonder what God is trying to tell me through this? If everything happens for a reason (which is doesn't usually) what is the reason behind this event/accident/illness        /tragedy? Why won't God speak to me? How come God doesn't answer my prayers? Blah-blah-whinge-whinge-whine-whine-keep-on-missing-the-point-blah-blah. We all need to chill a bit and get some contentment going Right on the button there's a song about it on Billabong Songs When you look in the lilies in the field; When you look at the grass: how green it grows; When you see a small anemone, a frond, a fern, a leaf, you have to stop and tell yourself and say, Yes, I believe ... Chorus - It's true that all the animals and the birds in all the trees don't worry 'bout the things they have to do. Taking life as it comes along with a waggy tail or a little song. If they can be content then why can't you? I need to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding and in all my ways acknowledge him and he will direct my paths (in His own mysterious way!) I AM PRETTY EXCITED! I've been meaning to make my old favourite Billabong Songsavailable as a download for years, and finally I've got around to it. I get calls all the time from Mums who loved these songs when they were littlies thenselves who now want them for their own kids – and from grandparents whose kids wore out the original cassette 20 years ago who now want to give the songs to their grandies.  BUY, WHETHER YOU HAVE KIDS TO SHARE WITH OR JUST NEED TO CHEER YOURSELF UP. Now anyone can get the original fun and songs in digital MP3 format in a few clicks to play on an iPhone or iPod or any MP3 player – devices we'd never dreamed of when we made the original. No postage. No delay. Just a few clicks and an online payment and they're yours to play. Yes, to answer the big question, that adorable pest Koala Ted is still there on the verandah interrupting and singing Suzy Had a Baby non-stop and the songs are as magical as they always were. They're as fresh as ever. I previewed them again and found myself singing along and laughing as if I were hearing the songs for the first time. Preview here before you buy. And then please leave a comment. The more comments the more popular you make the message and the music.   Anyway, to infinity and beyond.
Live long and prosper. Love – Colin